Short or long, narrative or descriptive, funny or tearful, entertainment or sales: every content has its shape.

Tone of Voice – Ironic, funny, reliable, transgressive, sexy or enthusiastic, the Tone of Voice embodies and establishes the personality of a brand and it’s a mix of elements such as vocabulary, rhythm and  pace. It must be consistent over the time in order to be credible and to reinforce the brand image. (More on Tone of Voice…)
Channel – Also, the words you choose must consider the audiences to address and the specific channel used to reach them.

Here’s what I can do best:

Radio commercial (script and direction)
TV commercial (from script to storyboard)
Press campaigns, billboards and web banners
Guerrilla marketing and other unconventional activities
Direct marketing copy
SEO oriented copy
– Copy for catalogs and brochures
– Social media manager (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)