Experienced copywriter available freelance to create advertising contents and develop brand strategies, in English and Italian.

I collaborated with:

  • Sapient Nitro (2012 – 2015)
    Head of Copy
  • Sundance Advertising (2011 – 2012)
    Founder, Creative Director, Copywriter
  • DAD London (2010 – 2011)
    Senior Copywriter
  • HComunicazione (2008 – 2011)
    Freelance Copywriter
  • Mind Agency (2008 – 2009)
  • Grey Worldwide (2006 – 2008)
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I wrote campaigns for:

BIOI was born curious in a curious family, from a mother journalist for gossip magazines and a father composer of cartoon jingles. Despite a good education, becoming an adult among socialite parties and concerts for kids is a vain attempt.
I grow up dreaming to be a footballer, a dancer, a singer, an actor and a rockstar, but I go bed always too late, even for a rockstar.

To not disappoint my parents, I graduate at university; a few days later I set off for Australia, Bali, Singapore, Thailand and China. I don’t have a lot of savings and have to stop here and there for casual jobs: waiter, babysitters, shop assistant, photographer for nightclubs, door to door salesman and farmer in Queensland.

After a few months, I come back to Italy to enter “the great world of cinema”: 2 years behind a camera filming fashion shows, concerts, car tests, surgeries, political conventions, bikini top-models, Christmas parties and Holy Masses.

So it comes 2006: movie theaters release “Borat”, Italy is struggling with the scandals Calciopoli and Vallettopoli, worldwide grows the Avian Influenza alarm, Putin re-introduces the religion in schools in Russia, North Korea tests its first atomic bomb; Fidel Castro passes the command of Cuba to his brother Raul, Elisabetta Gregoraci and Flavio Briatore are the couple of summer and I start my adventure in advertising.

Passionate about cinema and art, I apply for an art direction role in a big advertising agency. The creative director investigates on my level of Photoshop and Illustrator and when I ask “Photo shop where???” he kindly advises me to forget the art director idea and suggests me to try fortune as a copywriter instead: “copywriters work less and earn more”, HE says.

A few days later I start working in Grey Worldwide, as a copywriter.
Immediately I am explained that to work in advertising is important to be good in writing, but that writing for advertising is another thing. My first “headline” is for Moto Guzzi, a week later.
Here I am tought how to write radio commercials (the greatest satisfaction for a copy) and at my first “brief” I am sent to record six approved scripts for Volkswagen Seat Ibiza. Grey is a great place for learning: in that period 6 to 10 commercial you see on TV are created there, 50% for the Procter & Gamble giant.

A year later, the general staff of the agency changes, we move from the historic headquarters and, in 2008, in the middle of the “digital” boom, I go to gain experience in a web agency.

In 2009 I go to Los Angeles to attend a Radio Copywriting Master and at the end of the year, I move to London as freelance. Here I meet DAD agency (then Sapient Nitro) that in 2011 brings me back to Milan to open the Sapient Italy office where I work until 2015. Meanwhile, the idea to give shape to a virtual” agency on my own. But this story, is still to be written.


Being a copywriter for me means to keep a strong relationship with the everyday life. Knowing what’s out there. What are our habits, fashions and fads. Understanding the motivations that lead all of us to make choices, and stimulate them through the language: to excite, to make people laugh, to surprise.

Some say that working as a copywriter is a privilege, a pastime for intellectuals who play with words. For those who do it as a job, it’s not a pastime at all, but for sure it’s a privilege: producing ideas is an antidote to intolerance, to the discomfort; quoting Woody Allen: to the futility of life. But if it’s true that ideas give meaning to life, it’s also true that ideas need a full life to be meaningful. That’s why I keep going bed late.